Plasmalife Horse

PlasmaLife Horse® is a veterinary drug used to provide IgG to foals suffering from hypogammaglobulinemia (IgG <8g / l) due to failure to transfer partial or total passive immunity. It is the only remedy able to give immediate support to the foal’s immune system even after 24 hours of life, when oral therapy can no longer offer any benefit.

Why choose PlasmaLife Horse®?

  • It is a drug authorized by the Ministry of Health, produced in a GMP authorized pharmaceutical workshop
  • It is obtained from healthy, universal and carefully immunized donors checked at each collection
  • It is sterile, endotoxin-free with a minimum IgG level of 24 g/L and at least 50 g/L of protein
  • It is collected in a transfusion-ready bag that is stored in a regular freezer


The recommended plasma dose is 20 ml kg / bw.
A bag of Plasmalife Horse® can be administered intravenously to a foal (45-50 kg) over about 20 minutes.
Use a special infusion set with filter (available for sale) to retain any protein aggregates.
If the IgG level remains below 8 g/l after the first administration, it is advisable to administer a second bag of plasma.
Administration should only be carried out by the veterinarian.

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