Plasmalife Calf

Plasmalife Calf is a veterinary drug used in the adjuvant therapy for the symptomatic treatment of neonatal diarrhea in calves. It is a source of antibodies and proteins aimed at supporting the calf’s immune system during illness to ensure rapid remission of symptoms.


Why choose PlasmaLife Calf®?

  • It is a drug authorized by the Ministry of Health, produced in a GMP authorized pharmaceutical workshop
  • It is obtained from healthy, universal and carefully immunized donors checked at each collection
  • It is sterile, endotoxin-free with a minimum IgG level of 24g / L and at least 50g / L of protein
  • It is collected in a transfusion-ready bag that is stored in a regular freezer


The recommended plasma dose is 10 ml kg / bw.
A bag of Plasmalife Calf® can be administered intravenously to a foal (45-50 kg) over about 20 minutes.
Use a special infusion set with filter (available for sale) to retain any protein aggregates.
Administration should only be carried out by the veterinarian.

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