Consult the Plasmalife Horse and Plasmalife Calf leaflets before administration.
To report a suspected adverse reaction following the administration of a PlasmaLife product, the following telephone numbers are available 24 hours a day:

Dr. Raffaello Ciampoli (QPPV)
Tel: (+39) 3358448532

Dr. Chiara Giovannini (Deputy QPPV)
Tel: (+39) 3457531933

Pharmacovigilance is the system through which the veterinarian, pharmacists, health authorities, pharmaceutical industries and the Ministry of Health work and collaborate in order to know and monitor the adverse reactions to the drug by the patient as well as any lack of efficacy related to the use of the drug itself. It is therefore a moral and institutional duty to communicate any adverse reactions observed to the administration of a veterinary drug to the competent authorities. In order to promote pharmacovigilance, Plasmalife srl recommends viewing the report of suspected adverse reaction and, for further information, visit the website of the Italian Ministry of Health

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