When preparing for the birth of a foal, it is good to remember that, unlike humans, foals do not acquire immunity through the mother’s placenta during gestation.

The only way in which antibodies are naturally obtained is through colostrum: it is a whitish-yellow liquid rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals but above all in functional substances, such as immunoglobulins, enzymes and growth factors.

However, it often happens that the mother loses all or most of the colostrum before giving birth, or that, especially in the case of elderly or sick mares, it is poor in nutrients. Oral therapies to replenish colostrum lose effectiveness from the 18th hour of the foal’s life, when its intestine is no longer able to absorb these nutrients.

To prevent the foal from remaining immune to the countless viruses and bacteria that surround them, the only option that guarantees protection against infections is plasma transfusion.

PlasmaLife Horse is therefore a life saving drug that breeders can and must have on hand: it is created to always supply an above-average quantity of immunoglobulins and proteins, thus guaranteeing an important protection against all infections.

The use of Plasmalife Horse, reducing the need for antibiotics, also prevents the huge problem of antibiotic resistance, the ability of bacteria to resist the action of antibiotics and to often mutate into more aggressive forms. In fact, antibiotic resistance, in addition to greatly reducing the life expectancy of the animal and weakening its immune system against future diseases, causes the development of bacterial mutations and antibiotic resistant genes, harmful to humans when using animal products (eg consumption of meat, fertilization of vegetables with animal fertilizers, etc.)

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