About us

The company Il Ceppo

he company “Il Ceppo l.l.p.” is a private company founded in 1996, that sets itself the task to promote practical application of Immunprophilaxe and immunotherapy in horses.

Special attention was paid to the production of horse plasma with controlled quality and proven effectiveness in neonatal Foal disease as hypogammaglobulinemia.

In over 15 years of research it has been developed Plasmalife ®, the only entirely Italian produced horse plasma with approval of the Italian Health Ministry.

The Team

Dr. Raffaello Ciampoli

Manager and officer of the pharmacovigilance

+39 335 8448532

Study of veterinary medicine at the University of Parma

Dr. Francesco Bartocci

Technical Director

Chemist registered at the Chemistry Association, has been working since 1977 in the human and veterinary pharmaceutical industry as executive responsible for quality control, after that as production manager and since 1983 as technical director. He has controlled companies that were specialized in manufacturing sterile aseptic injectable solutions and the terminal sterilization of small and large volume of solution (infusions), and also freeze/dried and sterile solutions for ophthalmic applications, antibiotics, sterile powders for injection, antibiotics tablets – and other oral form (syrups, solutions and tablets), topical applications (creams, ointments, lotions) and rectal (enema) formulations.

Dr.ssa Chiara Giovannini

Responsible of the quality guarantee

+39 345 7531933

Study/ degree in of veterinary medicine at the University of Bologna
Study/degree in of the health and quality of animal origin products at the University of Bologna

Dr.ssa Laura Notarantonio

Head of the Laboratory for quality control and qualified technician

Studies of Biomedical Laboratory Technology at the University of Siena

Sig. Fabio Giani

Production Clerk

Diploma in Industrial Technology